Crafty Minds is a 3D Printing Centre that provides training for children who are interested in art and technology. Our creative programmes are designed based on the Michigan Architectural Foundation, Teachengineering and Minecraft Edu. These are project-based learning programmes that teach introductory engineering, architecture and design disciplines through engaging and collaborative projects that nurtures creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and communication skills.

At Crafty Minds, we believe that every child is unique and creative. We train every child to become familiar with creating 3D graphics in the computer, which can be used for a wide variety of purposes. We want to enable them to express themselves through play and exploration. Our workshops are designed to engage and stimulate learning in 7 to 16 years old using digital technologies from 3D modeling and printing to Augmented Reality. Introductory engineering, architecture and design disciplines are embedded in these workshops to spark and inculcate early interests in these fields of expertise.

Our project-based workshops are 4, 8 or 16-hours in duration. Each workshop’s learning outcome produces a tangible creative craft or 3D printed object that is created by every child with guidance from our friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Join us today in discovering and directing your child’s talent towards a higher education pathway.


Our innovative workshops are all designed to nurture and inculcate 21st Century Skills namely Digital Literacy, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration, Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking. The workshops are delivered in a project-based learning environment that facilitates group work and collaborations. Each learner will have access to a desktop computer, laptop or iPad.


Crafty Minds, being an established enrichment centre, offers the use of technology courses to excite student to study Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E), Art (A) and Mathematics (M) in a fun way.

We equip young learners with digital literacy by critically engaging with technology and developing a social awareness of how they can shape the ways in which technology is used to convey information and meaning.


In a world overloaded with information, we need to teach the young how to think and how to organize information. We teach learners how to analyze information and think critically by simply observing, analyzing and questioning. Learners who are able to think critically are able to solve problems effectively.


Creativity is about more than just artistic ability, it is also about how we think and how we construct and share knowledge. We inspire learners to generate novel ideas by using one’s imagination to make connections between ideas and to produce creative products.