Please feel free to sent us your resume if you are interesting to join us! We are hiring:

Senior Art Tutor

Job Description & Responsibilities:

1. Enjoy working with children and young people.

2. Enthusiastic, able to motivate and encourage children.

3. Good communication skills.

4. Organizing and managing students’ schedule accordingly.

5. Passionate about design and creativity and technology.

6. You’ll be conducting class in group or individual art lesson to children ages 4 to 12 years.

7. Prepare course material as needed; training will be provided.

8. Evaluate students’ performance and skills.

9. Maintain student attendance record.


1. Able to communicate in English.

2. Computer literate and knowledge of graphic applications is an optional.

3. With artistic talent in painting and drawing, crafting and clay modelling creative design.

You may sent your resume to admin@craftyminds.com.my or contact 03-90542033 whatsapp 018-9054163